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AMC Baseball Serves up Breakfast

AMC Baseball Serves up Breakfast

WORCESTER, Mass – Wednesday morning was dreary in Central Mass but head baseball coach, Dan Briand, and members of the Anna Maria baseball team made the day a little brighter for folks in Worcester as they helped serve breakfast at the St. John's Church Soup Kitchen.

The soup kitchen, which is located on Temple St. In Worcester, serves as many as 500 breakfasts and lunches each day of the week. On the menu are fresh-cut fruits and vegetables; eggs daily, with bacon on Wednesdays; and depending on the day, prime rib, chicken, turkey, hot dogs, granola bars, pastries, birthday cake and more. Everything is free. For many who eat here, the meal is the only one they'll have all day. 

The baseball team was happy to step up and help people in need during the holiday season. The team helped the staff unload trucks of food and supplies, mostly provided by multiple Stop and Shop supermarkets around Worcester, and served breakfast all morning.

"We want to extend a big thank you to Bill Riley for having us down to St. John's to help out." Coach Briand Said," Bill does so much for so many people. It was a great experience for our guys and it was an opportunity to take a step back from their daily routine and help them realize how lucky they are to be not only college athletes but even college students. I am very proud of the players for being so willing to help out in the community. It speaks volumes for the type of people they are and the type of program we want to be."

While the AMCATS are already recording wins off the field during the off season, their first on-field opportunity at a victory will not come until March 3rd when they will travel to Florida for the team's annual Spring Training trip.