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Ella Smith is going to Regional's After this Past Weekends Performance

Ella Smith is going to Regional's After this Past Weekends Performance

 PAXTON, Mass: The Anna Maria Equestrian Team placed 9th this past weekend between their two meets at Assumption.


Meet One:


Only three AMCATS competed, with all placing in the top six in their respective classes and events. Gina Houghton (Paxton, Mass.) rode in two different events, the first was over the fences where she was able to take sixth. Her second was on the Flat where she finished in third.


Ella Smith (Shrewsbury, Mass.) wasn't able to keep her first place streak alive but still was able to place third in the Walk, Trot, and with that high of a placement she was able to qualify for the Equestrian Regionals set for March 23rd.


Katie Barnes (West Brookfield, Mass.) placed the highest of all AMC riders this past Saturday, coming in second in the Walk, Trot, Canter.


Meet Two:


Smith competed for the first time in a higher division going from the Walk, Trot to the Walk, Trot, Canter and was able to place fourth.


Houghton was able to get into the top five for all her events this past Sunday. She finished in third on the Flat and fourth with over the Fences.


Barnes also placed fourth in the Walk, Trot, Canter on Sunday.


Up Next


The Equestrian Team will have one more meet this coming Saturday at URI. After that Ella Smith will be off to the Regionals at the Nora Harris Equestrian Tiverton in Rhode Island.